Minor Defect Correlation with Dynamic Elastic Properties of PFRC (polypropylene fiber-reinforced concrete)




Gupta, Rishi
El-Newihy, Adham
Shah, Mandeep

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Emerging Materials Research


The efficient rehabilitation of aging civil infrastructure requires innovative and emerging materials along with the proper implementation of structural health monitoring (SHM). Prior to identifying a strategic SHM technique, the understanding of defects in structures is vital. Common defects in concrete include consolidation problems and the development of microcracks during consolidation or stress induction. Monitoring the dynamic characteristics of concrete can play an essential role in detecting real-time and early stages of deterioration. Much research is focused on detecting large defects; however, not much information is available on the detection of minor defects in composites such as fiber-reinforced concrete. This study focuses on testing and monitoring of the dynamic elastic behavior of concrete using a non-destructive resonant frequency approach. The change in dynamic elastic properties of normal concrete under flexural and compression loading is analyzed. Moreover, an initial attempt to monitor the change in the elastic behavior when polypropylene fibers are added as reinforcement is also investigated. Experimental results show a decrease in the dynamic modulus of elasticity when minor defects are present and when polypropylene fibers are added to plain concrete mixture.



composite materials, material characterisation, structural properties


Gupta, R., El-Newihy, A., & Shah, M. (2018). Minor defect correlation with dynamic elastic properties of polypropylene fiber-reinforced concrete. Emerging Materials Research, 7(2), 109-117. https://doi.org/10.1680/jemmr.15.00068