It's Your Turn to Talk: Dialogic Teaching and Learning in French Immersion




Doucet, Louise

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Abstract In this project I discuss the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of language as the primordial socially-mediated learning tool. I review current empirical research of predominant discursive practices as well as the benefits and the implications of adopting a dialogic praxis. An overview of the current methodologies used in French immersion classrooms calls for enhanced teacher education opportunities for second language teachers in dialogic teaching and learning approaches. This project includes a professional development workshop for French Immersion junior secondary teachers that is based on the theory and literature reviewed in Chapter 2. I conclude with a reflection on the challenges I encountered, on the questions I pondered, and on the learning I experienced while completing my project. I also elaborate on the implications for further research into the field of dialogic teaching and learning in second language classrooms.



Dialogic Teaching, Dialogic Learning, French Immersion, Language Learning, Second Language Learning