A Framework for Synthetic Agetech Attack Data Generation




Khaemba, Noel
Traoré, Issa
Mamun, Mohammad

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Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy


To address the lack of datasets for agetech, this paper presents an approach for generating synthetic datasets that include traces of benign and attack datasets for agetech. The generated datasets could be used to develop and evaluate intrusion detection systems for smart homes for seniors aging in place. After reviewing several resources, it was established that there are no agetech attack data for sensor readings. Therefore, in this research, several methods for generating attack data were explored using attack data patterns from an existing IoT dataset called TON_IoT weather data. The TON_IoT dataset could be used in different scenarios, but in this study, the focus is to apply it to agetech. The attack patterns were replicated in a normal agetech dataset from a temperature sensor collected from the Information Security and Object Technology (ISOT) research lab. The generated data are different from normal data, as abnormal segments are shown that could be considered as attacks. The generated agetech attack datasets were also trained using machine learning models, and, based on different metrics, achieved good classification performance in predicting whether a sample is benign or malicious.



agetech, IoT, attack data, aging in place, synthetic data, machine learning, deep learning, smart sensors, intrusion detection datasets


Khaemba, N., Traoré, I., & Mamun, M. (2023). A Framework for Synthetic Agetech Attack Data Generation. Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy, 3(4), 744–757. https://doi.org/10.3390/jcp3040033