Dynamic Charging Scheduling for EV Parking Lots With Photovoltaic Power System




Cai, Lin
Zhang, Yongmin

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IEEE Access


This paper studies the optimal charging scheduling for electric vehicles (EVs) in a workplace parking lot, powered by both the photovoltaic power system and the power grid. Due to the uncertainty and fluctuation of solar energy and the time-varying EV charging requirements, it is challenging to guarantee the economic operation of the parking lot charging station. To address this issue, we formulate the EV charging scheduling in the parking lot as a benefit maximization problem. First, by analyzing the relationship among the EV charging requirements, the charging load, and the harvested solar energy, we derive several necessary conditions for obtaining an optimal decision, such that the primal optimization problem can be simplified. Then, we design a dynamic charging scheduling scheme (DCSS) to manage the EV charging processes, in which the model predictive control method is employed to deal with the real-time information of EV charging requirements and the solar energy. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the designed DCSS.



Electric vehicle charging, Solar energy, Power grids, Dynamic scheduling, Renewable energy sources, Power system dynamics, Electric vehicle, Charging scheduling, Photovoltaic power, Model predictive control


Y. Zhang and L. Cai, "Dynamic Charging Scheduling for EV Parking Lots With Photovoltaic Power System," in IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 56995-57005, 2018, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2873286.