Les usages et leurs propriétés distinctives de whatever comme marqueur d’approximation en chiac




Jackman, Francesca

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This study examines the functions of the borrowed discourse marker (DM) whatever in Chiac, an Acadian French dialect spoken in the southeastern region of New Brunswick (Canada). Analyzing data from two relatively homogenous corpora, a detailed description of the properties of whatever in its most frequent role, that of an approximation marker, is provided. In this role, it can signal that the speaker is unable to recall a particular word or detail relating to previous content or mark indifference towards the accuracy of the statement. When whatever marks a forgotten element, it is often preceded or followed by a sign of hesitation or is followed by a reformulation which clarifies what the speaker intended to say. This contrasts with the use of whatever to mark imprecision. This research uses contextual clues to differentiate various usages of whatever, and as such, it offers a methodology for the analysis of the polyvalent DM whatever.



French, Français, Français acadien, Acadian French, Chiac, Discourse Markers, marqueurs discursifs, pragmatics, whatever, borrowing, emprunts, discursive functions, fonctions discursives