Instructional Leaders role in implementation of competency-based teaching and learning




Forabosco-Lotoski, Marina

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This project examines competency based learning and the role of the instructional leader in assisting its implementation in schools. The guiding question for this project is given the nature of the recent move towards competency-based learning, what role can principals as instructional leaders play in moving forward the recent agenda of competency based learning in schools in Alberta? This project investigates global, national and local implementation models of competency based learning, with specific focus on Alberta Education’s vision for learning. The role of an instructional leader in education is also investigated to determine key areas of focus and action required to implement change. Information gathered in these two focus areas are combined together to create a framework for implementation of competency based learning that can be used by administrators and teachers wanting to enact change in teaching and learning.



Competency-based learning, Instructional leadership, Alberta Education competencies,