A Bidirectional DC-DC High Frequency Dual-Half Bridge Series Resonant Converter: Design, Simulation and Experimental Results




Sachdev, Nikhilkumar

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Power electronics plays a major role in energy storage systems in today’s world. Bidirectional dc-dc converters are an integral part in applications of energy storage systems such as renewable energy systems, fuel cell energy systems and hybrid electric vehicles where efficiency is very crucial in operations. Through a literature review, a half bridge series resonant converter was selected for this project as it maintains soft switching during all load conditions, delivering high efficiency. In this project, a bidirectional high frequency dual-half bridge series resonant converter (DHBSRC) is designed for energy storage application. Two half-bridges are connected through LC resonant tank and HF transformer. Power flow of the converter is controlled using phase shifted gating scheme with 50% duty cycle. Operating principle, analysis and design of DHBSRC are presented in the report. This project also looks at the benefit of using new generation SiC MOSFETs that have many promising properties like larger bandgap and higher thermal conductivity, which predicts lower conduction losses and higher efficiency of converter. Experiments were performed using Si MOSFETs and new generation SiC MOSFETs on a 100 W prototype of DHBSRC to verify theoretical and simulation results. Nominal input voltage and nominal output voltage is considered while conducting experiments with reference to battery as voltage source.



DC-DC converter, soft-switching, energy storage system, resonant converter, bidirectional converter