High frequency transformer isolated soft-switched hybrid phase modulated DC-to-DC converters




Jala, Sriram

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This thesis deals with hybrid phase modulated converter with inductive output filter as well as capacitive output filter. The operational principles, detailed steady-state analysis for different modes of operation, detailed design procedure with an example. simulation and experimental results are presented for HPMC with inductive output filter. HPMC with inductive output filter has reduced output filter requirements and maintains ZVS for wide line and load variations. This converter suffers from duty cycle loss and output rectifier ringing requiring secondary-side snubbers and higher voltage rated rectifier diodes. To overcome this problem, a hybrid phase modulated DC-DC converter with a capacitive output filter is proposed. Different modes of operation of the proposed converter are identified and a detailed steady-state analysis for these modes of operation is presented. A design example of 200 W, 22 V to 41 V input voltage and 350 V output voltage hybrid phase modulated converter with inductive and capacitive output filter is given to present the design procedure. Simulation and experimental results obtained from the laboratory prototype are provided to verify the performance of the converter. A comparison of performance between the HPMC with inductive and capacitive output filters with standard phase-shifted PWM full bridge converter are also presented.



Electric current converters, Hybrid