“A Lifetime of Activism”: doing feminist men’s work from a social justice paradigm




Rosenberg, Isaac

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This thesis focuses on the projects and experiences of social justice organizers who place an emphasis on working to address heteropatriarchy and its impacts, work that I call men’s work. In particular, these are organizers who take an intersectional, social justice approach to this work. In order to recognize who organizers are and the kinds of projects they engage in, I describe four major project themes within men’s work and briefly explore their potentials and pitfalls according to those who are involved in them. I then analyze a number of the various considerations, tensions, and difficulties that arise for these organizers, particularly the personal and interpersonal components. In order to support organizers to be resilient and successful when faced with these issues, I conclude by sharing a variety of ways they may choose to navigate the various complexities they encounter in their organizing and in their communities.



men, masculinity, feminism, men's work, activism, social justice, qualitative, interviews, political, organizing, women's studies, action research, activist, feminist, gender, gender studies, gender-based violence, militant research, movement-relevant theory, violence, organizers, social justice paradigm, thematic analysis, reproductive labour, men's groups, personal work, political education