Knowledge Enabled Tangible Capital Asset Reporting Using Asset Information Integrator System in Infrastructure Management




Zeb, Jehan
Froese, Thomas M.
Vanier, Dana

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CSCE General Conference


For effective management of the infrastructure systems, municipalities need to efficiently exchange information about these systems (i.e tangible capital asset information) within different departments of a municipality and between different agencies. This information exchange, referred to as transactions, is presently performed on an ad hoc and manual basis in the form of non-standardized reports created in PDF or Word format. Municipal organizations find it very difficult and time-consuming to compile, compare, extract, and analyze the Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment/Tangible Capital Asset information from these reports due to: (i) human interpretational issues; (ii) heterogeneity of the tangible capital asset data format; (iii) inconsistent description of various classes of assets; and (iv) lack of component-based aggregation of assets. There is a need to improve the way Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment Reporting or Tangible Capital Asset Reporting is currently performed by infrastructure agencies. To address these issues, a Tangible Capital Asset Ontology was developed as part of this research work. The knowledge represented in the ontology was used to define message templates that permit standardized reporting of the asset inventory and condition assessment/tangible capital asset information. Using a four step approach, the formalized message templates were implemented in an Asset Information Integrator System developed as part of this research. The focus of this paper is to introduce the Tangible Capital Asset Kernel Ontology and explain the development and application of the Asset Information Integrator System to demonstrate improved tangible capital asset reporting. The technique employs a case study approach.



Tangible Capital Assets, Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment Reporting, Infrastructure, Ontology, Tangible Capital Asset Ontology, Asset Information Integrator System, Infrastructure Management


Zeb, J., Froese, T. & Vanier, D. (2014). Knowledge Enabled Tangible Capital Asset Reporting Using Asset Information Integrator System in Infrastructure Management. Paper presented at CSCE General Conference, Halifax, NS