The potential contribution of small hydroelectric generation to meeting electrical demand on Vancouver Island.




Schuett, Matthew T.

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This work focuses on the electrical contribution small hydro generation can make to meeting Vancouver Island's electrical demand, today, and as further development proceeds. A hydrologic assessment of Vancouver Island was undertaken for the period of 1999 to 2005. Eight regional areas were identified that exhibited temporally similar specific discharge runoff patterns, termed flow area curves (FACs). A small hydro generation MATLab model was developed and the FACs used as input to represent available generation flow. The model was used to calculate temporally accurate generation values from 175 small hydro facilities under four development scenarios for the seven year period. Generation results from each scenario were compared to electrical demand on Vancouver Island during that time period to determine the contribution provided by small hydro facilities. Results demonstrated that small hydro facilities are unable to offer dependable capacity, but are capable of meeting a portion of Vancouver Island's electrical demand.



Renewable energy, Electric utilities