Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Energy Management System using Optimization Algorithm in Microgrids




Shah, Sarthak Umeshkumar

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Due to technological advancements, population growth, and urbanization, the demand for electricity is increasing day by day. Meeting the global electricity demand is a challenge considering its socio-economic and environmental impacts. Energy Management Systems (EMS) are becoming a vital topic of discussion, as renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and energy storage systems are being considered. EMS is becoming an essential component of a microgrid, as the system works when connected with the grid and also in islanded mode, connected with renewable sources. However, the increasing use of renewable energy resources is causing operational efficiency and reliability issues. Additionally, meeting demands during high energy consumption and reducing costs during high demand for electricity are challenging. Therefore, optimization techniques are being implemented to solve issues related to demand response and cost reduction. The proposed approach focuses on minimizing the total cost of energy consumption, taking into account demand, load control, energy storage systems, and PV systems using the novel algorithm Ant Colony Optimization. The results demonstrate that the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm is effective in reducing costs and can be used to address increasing demands and constraints related to energy management in microgrids. Future work may include fault detection, power quality improvement through optimization algorithms in the real-world grid model, and automating it to prevent losses, power outages, and asset failures.



Microgrids, Optimization Algorithm, Energy management System