Organizational Memory Studies




Foroughi, Hamid
Coraiola, Diego M.
Rintamäki, Jukka
Mena, Sébastien
Foster, William M.

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Organization Studies


This paper provides an overview and discussion of the rapidly growing literature on Organizational Memory Studies (OMS). We define OMS as an inquiry into the ways that remembering and forgetting shape, and are shaped by, organizations and organizing processes. The contribution of this article is threefold. We briefly review what we understand by organizational memory and explore some key debates and points of contestation in the field. Second, we identify four different perspectives that have been developed in OMS (functional, interpretive, critical and performative) and expand upon each perspective by showcasing articles published over the past decade. In particular, we examine four papers previously published in Organization Studies to show the distinctiveness of each perspective. Finally, we identify a number of areas for future research to facilitate the future development of OMS.



memory, collective memory, social memory, historical organization studies, rhetorical history, mnemonics, organizational memory studies, remembering


Foroughi, H., et al. (2020). Organizational Memory Studies, Organization Studies, 41(12), 1725-1748.