Applications of Nanoparticles for MRI Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy




Blasiak, Barbara
van Veggel, Frank C.J.M.
Tomanek, Boguslaw

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Journal of Nanomaterials


Recent technological advances in nanotechnology, molecular biology, and imaging technology allow the application of nanomaterials for early and specific cancer detection and therapy. As early detection is a prerequisite for successful treatment, this area of research has been rapidly growing. This paper provides an overview of recent advances in production, functionalization, toxicity reduction, and application of nanoparticles to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and treatment monitoring.This review focuses on superparamagnetic nanoparticles used as targeted contrast agents in MRI, but it also describes nanoparticles applied as contrasts in CT and PET. A very recent development of core/shell nanoparticles that promises to provide positive contrast in MRI of cancer is provided. The authors concluded that despite unenviable obstacles, the progress in the area will lead to rapidly approaching applications of nanotechnology to medicine enabling patient-specific diagnosis and treatment.




Blasiak, B., van Veggel, F.C.J.M. & Tomanek, B. (2013). Applications of nanoparticles for MRI cancer diagnosis and therapy. Journal of Nanomaterials, 2013(148578), 1-12.