The Changing face of mentorship for preservice and beginning teachers




Fierheller, Anne

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In education, it has long been understood that there are many benefits to mentoring. Unfortunately, a common training program across Alberta does not exist for mentors to professionally acquire skills to excel at their role as mentor. The literature describes a multitude of benefits to mentorship and how both a mentor and a preservice teacher would benefit from the time and practice invested in mentoring. In this capstone project, I have introduced a professional development (PD) session for the inexperienced teacher mentor that will inform and allow growth and skill development to help prepare a mentor for the challenges of mentorship with new preservice teachers in Alberta. I describe a series of steps to follow prior to accepting a student teacher to affirm personal readiness to steps to follow once working with a student teacher. These steps follow Alberta Education’s philosophy of supporting the vision of an educated Alberta 2030: Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit include communication, relationship building (Alberta Education, 2010). This PD session will dramatically increase the level of success of partnerships between mentor and mentee and increase the professionalism and retention of teachers in education to better prepare them for the classroom.



collaboration, communication, Alberta Education, mentorship