The Experience of Health Professional Students and their Educators Learning to Work in Intra-Professional Teams: A Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) Qualitative Systematic Review




Esquivel, Carmen Janina

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This project I am proposing is to explore changing work relationships between RN’s and LPN’s using a systematic review research method known as the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) approach. The JBI is an internationally renowned leader in evidence-based health care that provides a systematic process for finding and appraising evidence; a process supported by training, tools, a peer-review process, and networking to inform best practices. This method was initiated to have a collaborative approach for evaluating evidence from a variety of sources. In this way, healthcare professionals could have access to the best international evidence and consequently improve patient outcomes globally. Overall, JBI is one of the top Internet resources that supports evidence-based nursing practice, allowing easy use and access to high quality resources. Regarding student development, working with JBI would provide invaluable learning and a chance to expand my knowledge by exposure to strong relationships between academic, research, practice, and policy partners. Specifically, I will focus on how the research review approach supports evidence informed practice and how it contributes to knowledge translation. Additionally, I will learn about the process of developing and conducting a systematic review with the focus on intradisciplinary collaborative relationships. Furthermore, this project will enable me to participate and learn how to search for relevant and appropriate research studies through team collaboration. Finally, I will learn to facilitate the review process of research papers. Overall, this academic project would be an incredible opportunity for learning, where knowledge and skill in academic inquiry can be challenged.



RN, LPN, Joanna Briggs Institute, evidence-based health care, healthcare professionals, intradisciplinary collaborative relationships, patient outcomes