CISUR Bulletin 20: Scale up of Managed Alcohol Programs




Pauly, Bernie
Graham, Brittany
Vallance, Kate
Brown, Meaghan
Stockwell, Tim

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Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, University of Victoria


In the landscape of illicit drug harm reduction and alcohol policy, there are few options for those impacted by the harms of high risk or illicit drinking (unsafe settings, unsafe sources such as nonbeverage alcohol and unsafe patterns of consumption) and/or severe alcohol dependence. These harms are not new but are being escalated during the response to COVID-19, creating a surge of unmet need and propelling interests in the development of Managed Alcohol Programs (MAPs) across Canada and elsewhere. In this bulletin, we provide some beginning guidance and suggestions for organizations looking to initiate or scale up a MAP. There is substantial and growing evidence that MAPs are a unique intervention to reduce harms related to high risk drinking, severe alcohol dependence, homelessness and poverty. Please see for more detailed information on the Canadian Managed Alcohol Program Study (CMAPS). This guidance is based on six common elements of MAPs, CMAPS research on implementation and outcomes as well as extensive experience and wisdom of the CMAPS community of practice. This bulletin focuses on frequently asked questions received by the CMAPS team.



managed alcohol programs, alcohol, substance use


Pauly, B., Graham, B., Vallance, K., Brown, M., & Stockwell, T.(2020). Scale up of Managed Alcohol Programs. Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research Bulletin #20, Victoria, BC: University of Victoria.