Framing the climate change and human mobility nexus in Canada: from discourse to policy?




Bates-Eamer, Nicole

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My dissertation examines how media and policy actors in Canada frame the intersection of climate change and human mobility. I address two gaps in the literature: (1) how the nexus of climate change and human mobility is emerging as an issue at the national and sub-national level in Canada; and (2) the conceptual connections and contradictions between internal mobility and global mobility in the context of a changing climate. I examine and compare how policy actors and newspapers frame the issue and related policies in Canada at multiple governance levels and in four newspapers (two local, two national) by drawing on discourse and frame analysis. My research reveals that policy makers and newspapers frame the intersections of climate change and human mobility differently depending on where the mobility takes place (within Canada or beyond) and the context in which the framing occurs. These different framings reflect different representations of the problem (or problem definitions) and therefore require different policy options or responses.



climate displacement, climate change, migration, mobility, framing, discourse, policy