Technology mapping and optimization for reversible and quantum circuits




Sasanian, Zahra

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Quantum information processing is of interest as it offers the potential for a new generation of very powerful computers supporting novel computational paradigms. Over the last couple of decades, different aspects of quantum computers ranging from quantum algorithms to quantum physical design have received growing attention. One of the most important research areas is the synthesis and post-synthesis optimization of reversible and quantum circuits. Many synthesis and optimization approaches can be found in the literature, yet, due to the complexity of the problem, finding approaches leading to optimal, or near optimal, results is still an open problem. The synthesized circuits are usually evaluated based on quantum cost models. Therefore, they are often technology mapped to circuits of more primitive gates. To this end, various technology mapping approaches have also been proposed in the past few years. Related work shows an existing gap in optimized technology mapping for reversible and quantum circuits. In this dissertation, an optimized technology mapping design flow is introduced for mapping reversible circuits to quantum circuits. The contributions of this dissertation are classified as follows: - New reversible circuit optimization methods. - Optimized reversible to quantum mapping approaches. - New quantum gate libraries and new cost models for reversible gates based on the new libraries. - Quantum circuit optimization approaches. The steps above, form an optimized flow for mapping reversible circuits to quantum circuits. At each step of the design flow optimized and consistent approaches are suggested with the goal of reducing the quantum cost of the synthesized reversible circuits. The evaluations show that the proposed mapping methodology leads to significant improvement in the quantum cost of the existing benchmark circuits.



Reversible Circuits, Quantum Circuits, Reversible Logic, Optimization, Technology Mapping