Evaluating CO2 emission of Klitsa B.C. ferry using different propulsion architectures




Sidhu, Shivraj

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CO2 is the main contributor of green house gasses. In recent years emissions from maritime transport has increased rapidly. This trend can also be seen for passenger ferries. It is harmful as ferries operate closer to populated areas. To control this, marine vessels and passenger ferries are switching to alternate fuel types and electrical propulsion. In this project three different propulsion architecture approaches are considered and analyzed. To compute the CO2 emission results from each architecture, two different methodologies are presented and compared. Suitable methodology is used for computational purpose. Real time load data of Klitsa B.C. ferry is used to compute results as a base for comparison. CO2 emission results are calculated for the diesel-only, dual-fuel and hybrid (battery) architecture. Results of dual-fuel and hybrid architecture are compared with the diesel-only architecture which is presently being used in Klitsa B.C. ferry. Results are analyzed and reduction in emission are calculated and compared to conclude the project.



CO2, B.C. ferries, propulsion architectures, carbon dioxide, emissions