Smartphone GPS Locations of Students’ Movements to and from Campus




Doyle-Baker, Patricia K.
Ladle, Andrew
Rout, Angela
Galpern, Paul

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ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information


For many university students, commuting to and from campus constitutes a large proportion of their daily movement, and therefore it may influence their ability and willingness to spend time on campus or to participate in campus activities. To assess student engagement on campus, we collected smartphone GPS location histories from volunteers (n = 280) attending university in a major Canadian city. We investigated how campus visit length and frequency were related to characteristics of the commute using Bayesian regression models. Slower commutes and commutes over longer distances were associated with more time spent but less frequent visits to campus. Our results demonstrate that exposure to campus life, and therefore the potential for student engagement, may relate not just to whether a student lives on or near campus, but also to urban environmental factors that interact to influence the commuting experience.



smartphone GPS locations, student movement, commuting, university, campus


Doyle-Baker, P. K., Ladle, A., Rout, A., & Galpern, P. (2021). Smartphone GPS Locations of Students’ Movements to and from Campus. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 10(8), 1-13.