Exploring Methods of Improving Chinese Students' Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC) Based on Their Experiences in English Speaking Countries




Wang, Lin

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Chinese international students widely encounter difficult times when they are studying in English speaking countries. The large and gradually increasing populations of this group of students urgently need methods to improve their intercultural communication competence (ICC) and accelerate the process of integration. This paper begins with a literature review that studies students’ difficult time experiences. It then studies the deficiencies of EFL teachings in universities in China. The students’ experiences are looked at from the perspectives of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Deficiencies are studied from four aspects, including schools, teachers, parents, and students. In order to be more comprehensive, methods are also provided from these four aspects. This paper concludes with some of the limitations and personal future research interests.



Chinese international students, challenges, difficult times, English speaking countries, intercultural communication competence, ICC, EFL teaching