Settings and functions related to simultaneous use of alcohol with marijuana or cocaine in substance use treatment clients




Pakula, Basia
Macdonald, Scott
Stockwell, Tim

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Taylor & Francis


Objectives: The paper identifies the central theoretical components for developing a typology of alcohol use with other substances. The settings and functions related to the simultaneous use of alcohol with marijuana or cocaine are examined using a dataset from a study of treatment clients in Ontario, Canada. Methods: Treatment clients who reported using marijuana (n=499) or cocaine (n=375) in the past year completed a self-administered questionnaire on substance use. Findings: Simultaneous use is very common among treatment clients, with differences in the settings and functions associated with alcohol use in combination with cocaine or marijuana, and by various socio-demographic characteristics.



polysubstance use, simultaneous use, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana


Pakula, B., Macdonald, S. and Stockwell, T. (in press). Settings and Functions Related to Simultaneous Use of Alcohol with Marijuana or Cocaine in Substance Use Treatment Clients. Substance Use and Misuse, vol. 43.