Solving some physics problems involving fractional-order differential equarions with the Morgan-Voyce polynomials




Srivastava, Hari M.
Adel, Waleed
Izadi, Mohammad
El-Sayed, Adel A.

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Fractal and Fractional


In this research, we present a new computational technique for solving some physics problems involving fractional-order differential equations including the famous Bagley–Torvik method. The model is considered one of the important models to simulate the coupled oscillator and various other applications in science and engineering. We adapt a collocation technique involving a new operational matrix that utilizes the Liouville–Caputo operator of differentiation and Morgan–Voyce polynomials, in combination with the Tau spectral method. We first present the differentiation matrix of fractional order that is used to convert the problem and its conditions into an algebraic system of equations with unknown coefficients, which are then used to find the solutions to the proposed models. An error analysis for the method is proved to verify the convergence of the acquired solutions. To test the effectiveness of the proposed technique, several examples are simulated using the presented technique and these results are compared with other techniques from the literature. In addition, the computational time is computed and tabulated to ensure the efficacy and robustness of the method. The outcomes of the numerical examples support the theoretical results and show the accuracy and applicability of the presented approach. The method is shown to give better results than the other methods using a lower number of bases and with less spent time, and helped in highlighting some of the important features of the model. The technique proves to be a valuable approach that can be extended in the future for other fractional models having real applications such as the fractional partial differential equations and fractional integro-differential equations.



fractional-order equations, collocation method, Liouville–Caputo’s fractional derivative operator, error analysis, Tau method


Srivastava, H. M., Adel, W., Izadi, M., & El-Sayed, A. A. (2023). Solving some physics problems involving fractional-order differential equations with the Morgan-Voyce polynomials. Fractal and Fractional, 7(4), 301.