Next-generation content creation: an investigative approach.




Vining, Nicholas

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The rising cost in video game content creation, both in terms of man hours and in terms of monetary dollars, restricts the ability of video game developers to create unique, entertaining content. Motivated by how this cost is a direct result of "next-generation graphics", I am motivated to ask: what would a next-generation content creation tool look like? I investigate the problem by constructing several such tools. In particular, I construct a mesh quilting algorithm for random level generation, a rapid level construction toolkit based on the concept of an architectural blueprint but supporting features such as complex silhouette geometry and roof geometry, and a tool for rapidly painting world textures. I also introduce a new system for accessing barycentric coordinate data from within the fragment shader, which can be used in support of real-time 3D image quilting, more accurate normal interpolation, and texture rendering from within the world painting tool. Some history of video game content creation is discussed, and a roadmap is charted for future development.



procedural content, video game programming, modelling, texturing, sparse virtual textures, procedural extrusions, art tools