Decolonizing Praxis: Implications for Child and Youth Care




Yang, Soolin
Lawrence, Bronwyn

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While Western post-secondary institutions have a history of enacting colonial violence, there has been advocacy from communities, faculty, and students to actively incorporate decolonial theory and practices into higher education. In this regard, current Child and Youth Care (CYC) programs across Canada have highlighted the importance of incorporating decolonization processes in curriculum and practice. At the University of Victoria (UVic), the School of Child and Youth Care’s (SCYC) mission to decolonize praxis in practicum settings is early in its implementation. Therefore, this research project aims to identify how CYC staff, including practicum instructors, are implementing decolonial processes in their practice and the barriers they face in their efforts. Furthermore, based on the findings from this research, recommendations are made to guide curriculum development within the CYC program at UVic.



Decolonization, Decolonial, Indigenous, Canada, Ally, Post-secondary, University, Child and Youth Care, Education, School, Practicum, Curriculum Development