Analyzing green construction development barriers by a hybrid decision-making method based on DEMATEL and the ANP




Kamranfar, Saeed
Azimi, Yousef
Gheibi, Mohammad
Fathollahi-Fard, Amir M.
Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, Mostafa

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There is a great deal of interest in analyzing construction development barriers to identify and rank them based on sustainability criteria and have less environmental pollution. Due to the importance of construction projects in developing countries such as Iran, this study implements a green construction development paradigm to identify and rank barriers for a case study in Tehran, Iran. The main novelty of this paper is the development of a new decision-making method using the DEMATEL and Delphi techniques and the ANP. In this regard, first of all, data collection is performed through a literature review and survey studies using questionnaires, interviews, and observations. The applied method for experts’ agreement was integrated through brainstorming and the classical Delphi method. By analyzing different economic, environmental, cultural, and social criteria using a hybrid decision-making framework, the results show that the main economic barrier with a weight of 0.2607 is ranked first, while the main feature of economic assessment is connected to the risk of investment. The cultural and social barriers, with a weight of 0.2258, ranked second, and the managerial barrier, with a weight of 0.2052, ranked third. In the social and managerial aspects, the main barriers were related to looking at green construction as luxurious and the uncertainty of green construction performance due to the climate and texture of the local area, respectively. According to the findings and results, the proposed barriers and sub-barriers in this study can be used to develop and create planning at the strategic level for the development of green construction for our case study in Tehran, Iran. With a concentration on the outcomes of the present research, the sustainable green building framework can be implemented by the application of a prioritized knowledge management concept.



green construction development barriers, identification of barriers, ranking of barriers, DEMATEL, ANP


Kamranfar, S., Azimi, Y., Gheibi, M., Fathollahi-Fard, A. M., & Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, M. (2022). “Analyzing green construction development barriers by a hybrid decision-making method based on DEMATEL and the ANP.” Buildings, 12(10), 1641.