Value of self as learner as understood through the individual education plan process




Marsh, Melissa

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This project investigates student understanding of self as learner and the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process in British Columbia. It considers the questions: (1) How do students come to understand their value? (2) What school policies and environments allow students to understand themselves as valuable learners and individuals of worth? Through a synthesis of current literature regarding: (1) First Nations and struggling learners; (2) First Nations education and pedagogy; (3) school environments that support the idea of ‘becoming’; (4) special education and classroom practices that foster awareness of self as learner; and (5) policies that value all students, it was determined the IEP process helps students come to understand their value as learners. With intentional relationship building, collaborative planning, inclusive implementation practices, and formative assessment practices like goal setting and reflection on team process, schools can use the IEP process to help each student discover their infinite capacity and value.



Individual Education Plan, IEP, Value, Special Education, Policy, First Nations, Goal Setting, Relationships, Collaboration, Self-Efficacy, Lil’wat principles, Reflective Process, Parent Involvement, Student Led Meetings, Becoming