The Seghers Collections: Old Books for a New World




Cazes, Hélène

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University of Victoria Libraries


The Seghers Collection consists of approximately 4,000 volumes. It is essentially Seghers’ personal library complemented by collateral works purchased by the diocese. It is rich in continental imprints from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries and reflects his broad interests: philosophy, ethics, psychology, science, Roman history, drama, and music. Devotional literature is a large component and the collection contains most of the major works of the Church Fathers, the complete Patrologiae in both Greek and Latin, the Acta Sanctorum (66 volumes), a large collection of bibles dating from 1699 to 1855, and a smaller collection of prayer books, treatises, sermons, commentaries, and histories of the Catholic Church. It also contains sixteenth- and seventeenthcentury editions of the works of Aristotle, Valerius, Maximus, Justinus, Tacitus, and other classical authors.



Charles John Seghers, Catholic Church, British Columbia, Devotional Literature, Early Printed Books


Cazes, Helen (2013). The Seghers Collections: Old Books for a New World. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria Libraries.