HyFlex Instruction: The Leatherman Tool of Makerspace Learning - Active, Engaging, and Adaptable




McCue, Richard

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International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces


The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for revamping workshops so that they could be delivered not only face-to-face (F2F) but also via video conference [1]. Now that students are mainly back on campus we are offering updated Hybrid-Flexible, or HyFlex, workshops so that both on-campus and remote learners can participate in active learning workshops F2F in our library-based makerspace, remotely via video conference, or remotely on their own schedule using self-directed online learning resources [2]. It was anticipated that HyFlex workshops would be offered short term and that there would be a return to offering only on-campus workshops in the Spring 2022; however, so many students are taking advantage of video conference and self-directed options that we will continue to offer HyFlex workshops indefinitely. Feedback from learners indicates that this strong demand for HyFlex is not only due to COVID-19, but also because HyFlex instruction helps them more easily attend to family responsibilities, manage mental health issues, and support remote learners [3]. During the fall of 2021, 75% of HyFlex workshop learners participated via video conference and 25% participated F2F.



Makerspace, Libraries, Instruction, Hyflex, Hybrid Flexible, Flipped Learning, Active Learning