Resilience in a Watershed Governance Context: A Primer




Krievins, Katrina
Baird, Julia
Plummer, Ryan
Brandes, Oliver M.
Curry, Allen
Imhof, Jack
Mitchell, Simon
Moore, Michele-Lee
Swartling, Åsa Gerger

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Environmental Sustainability Research Centre


This primer is a first step in establishing resources that practitioners can turn to when applying resilience thinking to watershed governance. It introduces key ideas associated with resilience and how they may be applied by those engaging in various facets of governance in Canada. Released by Brock University's Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, the primer is the product of collaboration involving Canadian and international researchers as well as Canadian watershed practitioners.


Watersheds are complex systems involving social, economic, and ecological dimensions that are constantly interacting and influencing each other. Often the interactions among the different dimensions in a watershed are unpredictable and uncertainty is inevitable.In this time of complexity and change, infusing conventional watershed governance with resilience thinking can help by offering a way to understand and navigate these emerging challenges.


Watershed Governance, social-ecological system, Resilience, Inclusive Participation, Building Shared understanding, decentralized planning


Krievins, K., Baird, J., Plummer, R., Brandes, O., Curry, A., Imhof, J., Mitchell, S., Moore, M-L., and Gerger Swartling, Å. (2015). Resilience in a Watershed Governance Context: A Primer. St. Catharines, ON: Environmental Sustainability Research Centre.