Physical-layer network coding for wireless cooperative networks (Editorial)




Chen, Wen
Dong, Xiaodai
Fan, Pingyi
Hausl, Christoph
Li, Tiffany Jing
Popovski, Petar
Tao, Meixia

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Cooperative communication is an intriguing topic that has aroused a frenzy of heat in the wireless networking research. The notion of cooperative communication is to enable transmit and receive cooperation at the user level by exploiting the broadcast nature of wireless radio waveform so that the overall system performance including power efficiency and communication reliability can be significantly improved. However, due to the half-duplex constraint in practical wireless relay systems, cooperative communication generally suffers from loss in spectral efficiency. The inception of network coding provides a powerful remedy for improving the spectral efficiency and opens new possibilities for achieving the end-to-end throughput optimality by allowing intermediate network nodes to mix, demix, and remix the signals received from multiple links for subsequent transmissions.


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Chen et al. Physical-layer network coding for wireless cooperative network. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Volume 2010, Article ID 693158