University Librarian's Lecture: 'You don't like those ideas? I got others!'*




Denham, Elizabeth
Kahle, Brewster
Khokhar, Masud
Ridley, Michael

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The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), social media, and quantum computing is fundamentally transforming the way we process and understand information, and will have far-reaching implications for human culture and society. This panel of distinguished international experts will explore the shining lights and dark shadows of AI, quantum technologies, and social media platforms. The panel will explore the need for developers and policymakers to prioritize ethical considerations in the development and deployment of these technologies and strategies to combat the spread of misinformation. They will also discuss the ethical implications of these technologies, particularly in terms of privacy and bias as we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology. Moderated by Dave Obee. *The title of this event is inspired by a quote from Marshall McLuhan from the lecture The Medium Is the Message (1977) part 1, volume 3.