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    Open Educational Resources (OER) Showcase
    (2024) University of Victoria Libraries
    This event, which took place on March 7, 2024, was in celebration of Open Education Week 2024. It was a panel discussion between UVic authors who have created open textbooks. After the panel discussion, there was an opportunity for informal discussion over some light refreshments. This was a hybrid event, taking place in the Digital Scholarship Commons and over Zoom. The panellists were Dr. Rosalie Starzomski (Nursing), Natalie Boldt (English), and Dr. Lijun Zhang (Economics). The event was organized by the Copyright and Scholarly Communications Office at the University of Victoria Libraries.
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    VILSC 2022 Opening and Keynote
    (2024-01-09) Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference (VILSC)
    A recording of the opening of the 2022 Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference, including a Welcome and Blessing from Tsartlip Elder and UVic Elder in Residence May Sam and a keynote talk by Shelagh Rogers and Leslie Weir.
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    VILSC 2023 Opening and Keynote
    (2023-12-14) Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference (VILSC)
    A recording of the opening of the 2023 Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference: Let's Talk Belonging, including an Elder's Welcome from Kathy and Doug Lafortune, awarding Dave Obee with the designation of Honorary Librarian and Archivist, and a keynote talk by Pilar Martinez and Maureen Sawa.
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    University Librarian's Lecture: 'You don't like those ideas? I got others!'*
    (2023-06-19) Denham, Elizabeth; Kahle, Brewster; Khokhar, Masud; Ridley, Michael
    The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), social media, and quantum computing is fundamentally transforming the way we process and understand information, and will have far-reaching implications for human culture and society. This panel of distinguished international experts will explore the shining lights and dark shadows of AI, quantum technologies, and social media platforms. The panel will explore the need for developers and policymakers to prioritize ethical considerations in the development and deployment of these technologies and strategies to combat the spread of misinformation. They will also discuss the ethical implications of these technologies, particularly in terms of privacy and bias as we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology. Moderated by Dave Obee. *The title of this event is inspired by a quote from Marshall McLuhan from the lecture The Medium Is the Message (1977) part 1, volume 3.
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    University Librarian's Lecture: Truth and Healing through Story-telling: Indigenous Podcasting
    (2022-10-11) Walker, Connie
    Critically acclaimed Cree journalist from Okanese First Nation and one of the most important voices in podcasting today, Connie Walker will discuss the work behind her podcast Stolen: Surviving St. Michael’s (2022), the process of understanding the effects of the residential school system on her family, her team’s struggles in getting access to residential school records, and why she decided now was the time to tell this story.
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    Interview - Peter Keller
    (2014-02-05) Keller, C. Peter
    2013 interview with Professor Peter Keller on open access
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    Interview - Ray Siemens
    (2013-07-25) Siemens, Ray
    2013 interview with Professor Ray Siemens on open access
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    Interview - Daniel Scott
    (2013-07-02) Scott, Daniel
    2013 interview with Professor Daniel Scott on open access
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    Interview - Ben Koop
    (2013-07-02) Koop, Ben
    2013 interview with Professor Ben Koop on open access
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    Interview - Howard Brunt
    (2013-07-02) Brunt, Howard
    2013 interview with UVic VP Research Howard Brunt on open access
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    Do You Understand What Open Access Publishing Can Do For You?
    The panelists discuss how open access publishing can significantly boost the visibility and impact of research, as well as the perceived or common misunderstanding/myths around open access publishing. Moderator: Jonathan Bengtson, University Librarian, University of Victoria. Panel members: Lynne Herndon, Senior Vice-President, Global Academic Relations, Elsevier; Laura Brown, Licensing Manager, Springer; Jim Gilden, Editor, SAGE Open Sales, Sage; Bob Schatz, North American Sales Manager, BioMED Central; Dr. Ray Siemens, Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria, in English with cross appointment in Computer Science; Dr. Mary Ellen Purkis, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Development, University of Victoria; and, Dr. Frank van Veggel, Professor, Canada Research Chair, Supramolecular Photonic Materials, University of Victoria.
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    Scholarly Editing: Open Access Editions Online
    (2011-10-31) Crompton, Constance
    Online publication challenges our notion of the scholarly edition in a number of ways: the resulting editions require teamwork to produce, can be perpetually updated, and open up new avenues of collaboration with users. Drawing on examples from the Networked Interface for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship (NINES), The Yellow Nineties Online, and the Devonshire Manuscript: A Social Edition, Constance Crompton discusses role of open access online editions in the changing shape of humanities scholarship.