The future of connection: how artificial intelligence is transforming the way we connect and build relationships




Verdejo Hernandez, Mariana

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Although the synergy between human and artificial mind is continuously expanding, AI is still primarily limited by the range of its data set. And while AI cannot create an original idea on its own at this moment, it is on its way to be relational not only with differently abled humans but with different species altogether. This research consists of becoming a curator on the topic of AI + relationships and presenting your findings in an engaging creative way. For this I created a webpage that shows the innate relational nature of AI, while exploring how it is constantly moving and evolving, forming part of new ideas and concepts while creating unexpected connections. It explores the potential ethical, social, and psychological implications that must be considered because of the complex and multifaceted nature of AI.



Artificial Intelligence, AI, Connections, Relationships, Anthropology