Facilities Management Core Models




Yu, Kevin
Froese, Thomas M.
Vinet, Bruno

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Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineers


Facilities Management (FM) covers a broad range of industry functions and processes involving large dollar values. However, the use of Information Technology (IT) in FM has, to date, remained slow. Due, in part, to the unavailability of information about the facilities, few comprehensive computer systems are available that can effectively help facilities managers in decision making processes. In fact, little research has been done to clearly define the basic and common information requirements for general FM functions. Having summarized the general functions in FM practice, this paper proposes a strategic solution for integrating IT in FM: the development of Facilities Management Core Models (FMCM). The paper first reviews the standard models being developed by major international efforts for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management (AEC/FM) and explains the relationships between the standards and FMCM. The FMCM development methodology is then described followed by discussion of the major development steps. The requirements and scope of FMCM are presented, the types of the models are explained, and the development procedure is shown using typical industry processes. The paper also discusses FMCM implementation issues. In addition to supporting the development of FM applications and integrated systems, it is believed that this research will contribute to the major international data standard development efforts for AEC/FM.




Yu, K., Froese, T. & Vinet, B. (1997). Facilities Management Core Models. Published in the Proceedings of the 1997 Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineers, Sherbrooke, QC. https://csce.ca/en/publications/past-conferences/