Gamifying French Language Learning: a case study examining a quest-based, augmented reality mobile learning-tool




Perry, Bernadette

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Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences


Across the globe, over 3 billion hours a week are devoted to gaming, and with the ubiquitous presence of mobile technologies, gaming is now also mobile. A well-developed video game will keep a player enthralled for hours on end. What if educators could engage learners the way video games engage players? In fact, many educators are turning to gamification to do just that. Gamification uses game-based mechanics, and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, and promote learning. The principal goal of this research is to assess the potential of a new mobile learning tool Explorez. Explorez was created for first-year University French students in order to bridge the gap between gaming and education through quest-based learning and augmented reality. Using GPS, Explorez transforms the University of Victoria, B.C. campus into a virtual francophone world, where students interact with characters, items, and media as they improve their French language skills and discover their campus. This paper explores potential benefits and limitations to this prototype learning-tool, via a case study.



Second language acquisition, gamification, augmented reality, mobile games, quest-based learning


Perry, B. (2015). Gamifying French Language Learning: A Case Study Examining a Quest-based, Augmented Reality Mobile Learning-tool. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 174, 2308-2315.