Meditating on a Mandala in Class: Studying Shakespeare’s Plays with a Visual Exploration Tool for XML Texts




Sinclair, Stéfan
Ruecker, Stan
Gabriele, Sandra
Patey, Matt
Gooding, Matt
Vitas, Chris
Bajer, Bartosz

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Media : Culture : Pedagogy


In this paper we describe the Mandala Browser ( as a born-digital resource for use in the classroom. We provide example classroom exercises for studying the plays of Shakespeare, which provide on the one hand a simple means of examining speeches within a single play (our example uses Romeo and Juliet), and on the other hand a comparison between plays (e.g. all the tragedies). Finally, we provide some further context and resources for enabling what we call digital reading: a subset of text analysis oriented toward searching, browsing and reading text, without requiring more advanced knowledge of statistics and computational methods.




Sinclair, S., Ruecker, S., Gabriele, S., Patey, M., Gooding, M., Vitas, C., & Bajer, B. (2011). Meditating on a Mandala in class: Studying Shakespeare’s plays with a visual exploration tool for XML texts. Media : Culture : Pedagogy, 15(1).