Parent Engagement: Impacts, Influences, and Resources




Gorman, Sean

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This project focuses on the impacts and factors that influence parent engagement in a student’s education. There were three guiding questions for this project: (1) What are the impacts of parental involvement on student achievement? (2) What are the factors that determine parent engagement in a child’s education? (3) How do different modes of communication impact parent engagement? These questions are explored using current research and literature in the area of parent engagement. Chapter Three includes resources that educators can use to promote parent engagement in their classrooms and provide opportunities to create positive and meaningful relationships with parents and students in their learning communities. Understanding parent engagement in regard to a child’s education is very complex and varied. However, if educators enlighten themselves to the underlying benefits, they can take steps to increase parent involvement in their own classroom and create positive change.



Parent Engagement, Parent participation, student achievement, impact of parental involvement, modes of communication