A Dual Tank High Frequency Isolated LCL Series Resonant Converter: Design, Simulation, and Experimental Results




Bhatt, Nirav

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Power electronics is a vital component of the power conditioning (PC) system in today’s era. Resonant power converters are an integral part of the power electronic interface that are required for applications like renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, fuel cells etc. Literature review indicates that LCL-type series resonant converter offers soft switching for wide load variations , good output voltage and power regulation and deliver high efficiency. The focus of this project is on fixed frequency controlled high frequency (HF) isolated DC-DC LCL-type series resonant converter. A dual tank HF isolated LCL-type HF transformer isolated dc-dc converter is realized by two half-bridge LCL-type resonant converters connected in parallel at the input and high frequency transformer secondary’s connected in series to realize the dc-dc converter. The operation of the converter is in lagging power factor mode to realize ZVS in fixed frequency control. The output voltage and power is regulated using phase shifted gating signals. The converter’s principle of operation, analysis and design is presented in this report. A 300 W converter with 100 V input and 300 V output is designed for illustration purpose. PSIM simulation results are given to verify he performance of the designed converter for varying load conditions. This project also focuses on employing the new generation SiC MOSFETs that offers reduced switching losses, low gate drive energy, improved on-state drain-to-source resistance and higher operating temperatures. A 300 W prototype of the dual tank HF isolated LCL-type dc-dc converter is built as the experimental setup to verify the theoretical and simulation results. Experiments were conducted using Si and SiC MOSFETs to draw a comparison between the obtained results. It was observed that SiC MOSFETs showed better performance in terms of efficiency compared to Si MOSFETs.



Power Electronics, Silicon Carbide, MOSFETs, Resonant Converter, LCL Series type, Fixed Frequency, High Frequency