Iterative Trajectory Optimization for Physical-Layer Secure Buffer-Aided UAV Mobile Relaying




Shen, Lingfeng
Wang, Ning
Ji, Xiang
Mu, Xiaomin
Cai, Lin

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With the fast development of commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, there are increasing research interests on UAV communications. In this work, the mobility and deployment flexibility of UAVs are exploited to form a buffer-aided relaying system assisting terrestrial communication that is blocked. Optimal UAV trajectory design of the UAV-enabled mobile relaying system with a randomly located eavesdropper is investigated from the physical-layer security perspective to improve the overall secrecy rate. Based on the mobility of the UAV relay, a wireless channel model that changes with the trajectory and is exploited for improved secrecy is established. The secrecy rate is maximized by optimizing the discretized trajectory anchor points based on the information causality and UAV mobility constraints. However, the problem is non-convex and therefore difficult to solve. To make the problem tractable, we alternatively optimize the increments of the trajectory anchor points iteratively in a two-dimensional space and decompose the problem into progressive convex approximate problems through the iterative procedure. Convergence of the proposed iterative trajectory optimization technique is proved analytically by the squeeze principle. Simulation results show that finding the optimal trajectory by iteratively updating the displacements is effective and fast converging. It is also shown by the simulation results that the distribution of the eavesdropper location influences the security performance of the system. Specifically, an eavesdropper further away from the destination is beneficial to the system’s overall secrecy rate. Furthermore, it is observed that eavesdropper being further away from the destination also results in shorter trajectories, which implies it being energy-efficient as well.



buffer-aided relaying, physical-layer security, secrecy rate, trajectory optimization, UAV mobile relay


Shen, L., Wang, N., Ji, X., Mu, X. & Cai, L. (2019). Iterative Trajectory Optimization for Physical-Layer Secure Buffer-Aided UAV Mobile Relaying. Sensors, 19(15), 3442.