Characterizing a new and novel glass plate sampler for collection of oceanic microlayers




Shinki, Masaya

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The sea surface microlayer is the upper thin interfacial boundary between ocean water and atmospheric air. The microlayer is known to be influenced by surface-active substances (SAS), largely organic matters adsorbed on the ocean surface. SAS samplers have been developed to investigate the chemical composition and effects of SAS but these samplers lack fast sampling and ease of use. To overcome these deficiencies, a new and novel microlayer sampler equipped with a set of rotating glass disks for fast sampling was built and modified. In this project, two closely connected scientific issues associated with the sampler were addressed. Firstly, the thickness of the solution layer adsorbed onto the glass disk was investigated in laboratory experiments using a range of optical techniques. Secondly, the sampler itself was evaluated in different oceanic environments and operated with a range of additional scientific sensors.



microlayer, surface-active substances