VL-PLS: A Multi-objective Variable Length Pareto Local Search To Solve The Node Placement Problem For Next Generation Network




Abdelkhalek, Ons
Dahmani, Nadia
Krichen, Saoussen
Guitouni, Adel

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Procedia: Computer Science


In the node placement problem for next generation network, an existing networks coverage is extended by placing new nodes and connecting them via ad hoc technologies so as the global network communication coverage is optimized. Four relevant objective functions are considered: The maximization of the communication coverage, the minimization of the nodes placement and the communication devices costs, the maximization of the total minimum capacity bandwidth to connect the infrastructure, and the minimization of the total overlapping. To tackle this problem, a new multi-objective variable length Pareto local search (VL-PLS) algorithm is proposed. The main incentive of the VL-PLS algorithm is that, in the proposed solution encoding, both substring and solution lengths dynamically vary leading to emphasize the optimization process and look for the optimal number of placed node. Three different neighborhood structures are presented in order to ensure a good exploration of the search space. A comparative study with an existing algorithm from the literature is dressed using different multi-objective performance metrics to support the performance of our algorithm.



Pareto Local Search, Genetic Algorithm, Next Generation Networks, Node Placement Problem, Heterogeneous Network Planning


Abdelkhalek, O., Dahmani, N., Krichen, S. & Guitouni, A. (2015). VL-PLS: A Multiobjective Variable Length Pareto Local Search To Solve The Node Placement Problem For Next Generation Network. Procedia: Computer Science, 73, 250-257. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.procs.2015.12.025