Psychonomic Society publications: A participants’ account of the transition from self-publishing to partnering with Springer




Lindsay, D. Stephen
Ross, Brian H.
Hunt, R. Reed

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The Psychonomic Society has a strong record as a publisher of scientific research. Dewsbury (1996) provided an engaging account of the Society’s first 30 years as a publisher. We begin with a brief re-cap of Dewsbury’s article and then share our views as to why and how the Society shifted from printing and distributing its own journals to partnering with a large commercial publisher. Our tale is based in part on our own experiences as members of the Governing Board of the Psychonomic Society during the transition. We also offer a subjective assessment of how the partnership with Springer has played out. Our perspective provides a complement to an account written by historians commissioned by the Psychonomic Society (Bazar & Vaughn-Johnson, 2023).


We thank Donald Foss, Helene Intraub, Colin M. MacLeod, Daniel J. Simons, and John Wixted for helpful comments on prior versions of this manuscript. Remaining shortcomings are the authors’ responsibility. Thanks also to Monique Grenier, Science and Research Data Literacy Librarian at the University of Victoria, for information regarding subscription costs.