Evaluation of EHR Training as a catalyst to achieve clinician satisfaction with technology in acute care setting




Youssef, Walid

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Training for Electronic Health Record (EHR) has been recognized as a key facilitator to ensure optimum use and satisfaction with technology. However, research on the ways in which training can promote user satisfaction with technology and a smooth transition to EHR is lacking. This study aims to expand the available literature on the delivery of effective EHR training. End-users may still not perceive the values that EHR can bring to healthcare by improving quality of care and streamlining the delivery of services, although these values are well established. Several barriers can account for the lack of perception, including limited resources, lack of organizational support, and poor clinical ownership of technology. Training provides an excellent tool to communicate the initiatives behind technology implementation, to help users understand the benefits that EHR can bring, and ultimately to improve the satisfaction of the end-users with technology and enhance their adoption. The organizations implementing EHR need to focus on delivery of effective training by allocating sufficient time and resources to training. Trainers need to link with users by understanding different learning styles and adult learning principles, and practicing these principles to support different training methods.



EHR, EHR Adoption, Training