The Future of Child and Youth Care Education: Insights from Canada




Mann-Feder, Varda
Scott, Daniel G.
Hardy, Bruce

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International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies


This article reports on an analysis of a conversation held at a World Café gathering in the spring of 2014. At that time, a group of 25 professionals involved in higher education in Child and Youth Care engaged in a discussion of challenges that have implications for the future of the field. Four major themes emerged: tensions between theory and practice, issues related to Child and Youth Care values, trends and traditions in Child and Youth Care, and questions about professional integrity and identity. These themes are discussed in light of ongoing debates in the literature. The results of our discussions also underscore the need to harmonize divisions in the field and consolidate an agreed-upon knowledge base for Child and Youth Care.



child and youth care education, knowledge base in child and youth care, professional identity, world café


Mann-Feder, V.; Scott, D. G.; & Hardy, B. (2017). The future of child and youth care education: Insights from Canada. International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 8(2), 1-10.