A Comprehensive Survey of the Genes Involved in Maturation and Development of the Rainbow Trout Ovary




von Schalburg, Kristian R.
Wise, Matthew L.
Brown, Gordon D.
Davidson, William S.
Koop, Ben F.

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Society for the Study of Reproduction


The development and maturation of the ovary requires precisely coordinated expression of specific gene-classes to produce viable oocytes. We undertook identification of some of the genes 26 involved in these processes by creating ovary-specific cDNA libraries by suppression subtractive hybridization and by microarray-based analyses. We present 5778 tissue- and sex-specific genes from subtracted ovary and testis libraries, many of which remain unidentified. A microarray containing 3557 salmonid cDNAs was used to compare the transcriptomes of precocious ovary at three different stages during second year with a reference (normal ovary) transcriptome. On average, about 240 genes were developmentally regulated during the study period from June to October. Classes of genes maintaining relatively steady-state levels of expression, such as those controlling tissue remodeling, immunoregulation, cell-cycle progression, apoptosis and growth were also identified. Concurrent expression of various cell division and ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis regulators revealed the utility of microarray analysis to monitor important maturation events. We also report unequivocal evidence for expression of the transcripts that encode the common glycoprotein-α (Cgα), LHβ, FSHβ and TSHβ subunits, and retinol-binding protein in both the ovary and testis of trout.




ovary, testis, cDNA, microarray, rainbow trout


Kristian R. von Schalburg, Rise, M.L., Brown, G.D., Davidson, W.S. & Koop, B.F. 2005, "A Comprehensive Survey of the Genes Involved in Maturation and Development of the Rainbow Trout Ovary", Biology of reproduction, vol. 72, no. 3, pp. 687-699.