Individualism, collectivism and reward crowdfunding contribution intention and behavior




Shneor, Rotem
Munim, Ziaul Haque
Zhu, Helena
Alon, Ilan

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Electronic Commerce Research and Application


The study examines the role of the individualism-collectivism (IDV) cultural dimension in reward crowdfunding contribution intentionality and behavior. An extended Theory of Planned Behavior framework is used for comparative analysis using survey data collected from users of national platforms from opposing cultures along the IDV dimension – China and Finland. Main findings suggest that: attitudes are positively associated with information sharing and financial contribution intentions in both cultures; collectivism enhances the effects of subjective norms on both intentions; behavior control is more strongly observed in individualistic cultures; and information sharing intentions are more strongly associated with contribution behavior in collectivistic cultures.



crowdfunding, culture, individualism, collectivism, Theory of planned behavior, intention, behavior, behavioral control, social norms, attitudes, alternative finance, China, Finland


Shneor, R., Munim, Z. H., Zhu, H., Alon, I. (2021). Individualism, collectivism and reward crowdfunding contribution intention and behavior. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 47, 1-14.