Teaching Digital Etiquette in the Primary Grades: An Inquiry Approach


This project focuses on the development of a digital etiquette unit plan for primary grades in an inquiry-based environment. Appropriate digital etiquette includes the ability to converse and communicate with kindness and civility when messaging and working online, as well as supporting other’s positive digital identity. The literature review includes a review of research regarding the effects of cyberbullying on today’s youth and how strong digital citizenship skills, including digital etiquette, are vital when navigating social media and texting platforms. Chapter three includes a detailed yet adaptable unit plan on how one might introduce digital etiquette to a primary class. Although many primary students do not often have the opportunity to text with friends in a messaging application, various video games and online learning platforms with a text box feature are becoming more common. Bridging classroom etiquette with digital etiquette is an important first step to helping all students understand the importance of kindness and civility in the online world.



digital etiquette, digital citizenship