Meaningful Intervention wtih Children and Youth: A Reflection on Ten Years of Inquiry




Artz, Sibylle
Nicholson, Diana
Halsall, Elaine
Larke, Susan

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University of Victoria


It has been known since the early 1970s that youth risk assessment does not necessarily assist us in determining youth needs and services. Still, where young people and crime are concerned, interventions are often focused on risk assessment rather than need assessment, especially when these young people face incarceration. In this article we emphasize needs assessment and the development of a youth friendly approach to such assessment. We draw on a number of community-based and community involved studies that were conducted over a ten-year period, studies that focused on the perspectives, experiences, and needs of children and youth, and present as key among these studies a project on the development of a gender-sensitive tool for needs assessment that can aid workers with youth engagement and needs focused intervention.



children, youth, intervention, risk assessment


Artz, S., Nicholson, D, Halsall, E., & Larke, S. (2010). "Meaningful Intervention wtih Children and Youth: A Reflection on Ten Years of Inquiry." International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 1(2): 118-133.